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مکمل رنگ خودرو مکس مایر maxmeyer

Max Mayer

Aipak Mehr Company is an importer of paints and accessories related to car paints of Max Mayer factory in Italy in Iran and has ready to sell all kinds of products of this factory as follows:

Swiss entrepreneur Max Meyer built the Max Meyer factory in Milan, Italy in 1895. In those years, this factory with 50 employees was engaged in the production of the company’s products. Over the years, well-known automakers at the time, such as Fiat and Alfa, used the company’s products and colors to display their luxury cars to the public. The Max Meyer Factory found its place in this great adventure. From 1930 to 1980, the Max Meyer factory worked for Italian automakers, especially luxury and racing cars.

Persistent bombings during World War II damaged the factory and the factory was forcibly relocated to its headquarters in Milan.

This factory is built with new and modern standards and is equipped with new machines with advanced technology. Max Meyer was born in a more sophisticated way, making it a true high-tech chemical industry.

In 1997, the American company PPG bought the Max Meyer factory, making it the first and best brand in Europe.

Max Mayer, like Apple, has only one factory in the world for the production of car paints, which is also built in Italy, and the products of this American company, which is under the direct supervision of the American PPG, are produced only in this factory (Italy). . This factory is the first paint factory in the world that is more than 100 years old.

Most of the world’s most famous shipbuilding, aircraft and automobile factories, including Ford of America, Benz and BMW, Fiat, Porsche, Ferrari, Chevrolet, Alfa Romeo, etc., use the products of Max Mayer of Italy. It is safe to say that Max Meyer products are unrivaled in the world and we are witnessing significant progress in the quality of the products of this factory.