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مکمل رنگ کی سی سی kcc


AIPAC Mehr Company is the official importer and exclusive representative of paints and accessories related to car paints of KCC Korea factory in Iran and has ready to sell all kinds of products of this factory as follows:

KCC South Korea is one of the best and most famous car paint companies in the world with a strong history in this field. The company was founded in South Korea in 1958 and now has about 24 factories across the globe, all operating under the supervision and license of the main company KCC in South Korea.

KCC Company expanded its activities in Turkey in 2006 and established the KCC factory in Turkey.

The CCC factory in Istanbul, Turkey, which produces quality CCC products under the supervision of Korean experts from the same company, is a great opportunity for the Middle East, especially our beloved country Iran, so that, first of all, our painters can KCC products made in Turkey are available with the same quality as KCC products in South Korea. Secondly, due to the proximity of the Turkish KCC factory to Iran, the products of this factory are delivered to dear customers at a cheaper price.

Aipak Mehr Tejarat Aras Company is the importer and official and exclusive representative of KCC Korean products in Iran and has prepared the products of this company with the lowest price and the best quality to offer to dear and precious customers.